Anne WhiteThe ministry was founded by Anne S. White in Florida, USA, after her own healing adventure in the healing of her son from asthma.

She writes: "For three long years, our five year old son had suffered from dreadful asthmatic attacks, and even a change of climate had brought no relief. During the most severe times of congestion, he had to be given shots of adrenalin to relieve his laboured breathing." Her pediatrician told her that there was not much hope that her son would outgrow the disease.

She awoke at two one morning to hear her son's laboured breathing. As she thought there was nothing she could do, she groaned inwardly. Then she heard a voice within her saying "Yes, there is. You can kneel down and pray. It is not My Will for an innocent child to suffer. It is your bitter resentment and you must forgive this person."

As she prayed, her son took one deep, quiet breath - and never again had another asthmatic attack!

In 1969 she published her book 'Healing Adventure' outlining her experiences of healing and general teaching, a book which enabled her to become well known internationally.

In late 1970 a pilot school was held to train a few other key leaders. With her husband, Anne S. White  founded Victorious Ministries Through Christ the next year, with the approval of her Bishop (Episcopalian).

She travelled extensively to many countries, often experiencing difficulties brought on by the spiritual warfare she encountered, where she would teach at missions and training schools.

In the early 1970's doors opened for VMTC in England, Sweden, Finland and then in 1975 to Australia. Later,
Singapore held a school. In 1980 the first school was held in Canada. Not every place has continued to open its doors to the ministry.

The first meeting of the International Board was held in 1980 at Breidagard, Sweden, where the US, Great Britain, Australia and Sweden agreed to work together under the international standards. Pakistan held a school in 1981 under the Bishop of Karachi, Rt Rev Arne Rudvin.

New Zealand has been the latest country to join the ministry, with schools first held here in May 1991.

In 1982 VMTC Great-Britain withdrew from the ministry, wanting to chart its own direction.

Various changes in the ministry itself have been made over the years. One recent change has been to change the description of our ministry from `Prayer Counselling' to Prayer Ministry', to emphasise that it is primarily a spiritual ministry.

In 1998, Anne White's biography of the work of VMTC, `Winning Victory in Spiritual Warfare' was published, giving an excellent insight into Anne's courage and openness to the Holy Spirit.

Anne White died in 1999, and the International Board now continues to meet under the Presidency of Rev Robert Horn.