Anne S. White has written a number of books which are available through VMTC in each country. Each of the books are in an easy to read style, and bear reading more than once! Prices are not included as these will vary in each country.

    Healing Adventure. (First published 1969 and since revised)
    This is Anne's first book, and the one covering the widest scope of healing ministry. Anne begins with recounting her own experience of the healing of her son that led to the development of VMTC Prayer Ministry. Anne is concerned that healing ministry today is rooted in a sound understanding of Jesus' healing ministry and the Scriptures. The starting point for Anne is that sickness is not the will of God. She has a very useful study of the ways that Jesus healed and the conditions for healing.

by Brian Brandon

The aim of Victorious Ministry Through Christ is to help you to develop Prayer Ministry as a ministry of your church.
Every church of reasonable size could have its own prayer ministry team, able to provide prayer ministry when required, so that the job is not just left to the pastor. The churches in your community may be able to provide a combined churches prayer ministry team. If your church has a prayer ministry team already you may like to provide training and development of that team. If you do not have a team already, then check if there are suitable people who would be interested to start the ministry.

Jesus did not only preach, he prayed with people for healing and deliverance. He also trained his disciples to do the same. Preaching is not enough. The Word of God needs to be applied into our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit for God to bring changes he wants in us. That is what prayer ministry seeks to do.

The aim therefore is to develop a team of people who can stand with the pastor in offering the follow-up prayer ministry that may be required. It requires training for good preaching, why not training for prayer ministry also?

What contribution can you expect a trained group of Prayer Minister's in your church to make to your church?

by Anne White
Excerpts from her book, 'Healing Adventure'*

As a one-time "intellectual sceptic" I found it necessary to come through a study of Scripture and much prayer until the Lord guided me to the understanding shared here. To me this is fundamental - for unless God will's healing, it is useless for me to pray for it. It makes no sense to pray one way with our lips and hold a contrary belief in our subconscious minds, hearts or intellects. What I had seen in the experience of healing needed confirmation with my intellect. The Lord led me though many books and many speakers until my intellect was converted from its doubts. In any lay ministry of prayer counselling I have found that these answers that helped me have been meaningful to others also. This Scriptural, balanced, effective ministry is now called VMTC Prayer Ministry.